Let Your Pet Make a Mess! TPS Handles the Rest!

There are some jobs that most people really just don’t want to do. That’s where Tampa Poop & Scoop (TPS) enters. No mess will ever be left behind by your pets, again.

Bathroom messes, to be precise.

Tampa Poop & Scoop ushers in a new era of pet/owner freedom. Now we can let our fluffy friends relieve as they please, without the hassle of wondering “when” or “where” the backyard business has taken place. It’s the true definition of out of sight, out of mind.

“We take care of the No. 2 so you can spend more time with your No. 1,” said owner Josey David.

It’s professional work, but David will be the first to admit it’s certainly not glamorous. For him, that’s OK. The less time owners have to spend picking up after their pets, the more time they can spend loving them.

“I wanted to find an industry that so many turn away from, come in as a young mind, and bring a new perspective to the idea of what good service can be,” said David.

TPS offers an all-inclusive pet waste cleanup. It will show up, clean up and head out leaving nothing behind for you to worry about. It also will keep you updated along the way, which saves you time to go about your day. If the yard needs to be cleaned by tonight in your rush to prepare for company, TPS is on it.

“My mindset is: I don’t make customers wait around for an estimate,” said David. “I’ll be out there the next day, or even the same day, if need be.”

A Wesley Chapel native, David currently studies within the entrepreneur track at the University of Tampa. He has one more semester until he graduates and already is making a name for himself within the Tampa area as a motivated, young business professional.

His love of animals and desire to keep them happy bore the necessity to create TPS. That, paired with his long-term effort of using his business as a vessel to donate to local animal rescue efforts, being the very best answer to our pet’s nature call made sense.

Moving forward, he looks forward to the day when he can give back to entities such as the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

“It comes down to keeping animals healthy and happy,” said David. “If I can do that, while giving back to animals that need help in our community, then I’ve provided the service I want to give.”

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Published December 29, 2021