Turkish Judges and Prosecutors exchanged with their peers during the Study Visit to Paris and the Council of Europe – Newsroom

During the period between 16 and 20 May 2022, representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Justice and judges and prosecutors attended a tailored programme on combatting cybercrime in France. The Delegation was headed by the Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr Yakup Moğul.

In the first part of the visit in Paris, the Turkish Delegation visited French institutions (both judicial and law-enforcement institutions) such as Cybercrimes Section of Judicial Court of Paris (J3), Cyberspace Gendarmerie Command (COMCYBERGEND), Central Office for Combating Crime Linked to Information and Communication Technologies of French Police Department and Directorate of Criminal Affairs and Pardons of French Ministry of Justice.

Turkish judges and prosecutors had opportunities to exchange with their peers on good practices, coordination, and challenges that both France and Turkey are facing in relation to combatting cybercrime. It has been agreed that both national and international cooperation is of the utmost importance for the cybersecurity as the topic is beyond national jurisdiction.

Later in Strasbourg, the Delegation visited the Council of Europe, exchanging with the representatives of the European Court of Human Rights (the Court) on the topic related to right to liberty and security and fair proceedings. At the same time, they had opportunity to hear more about the work of the Venice Commission; Commission for efficiency of justice; Cybercrime work and impact of the Budapest Convention on cybercrime and finally execution process of the judgments of the Court.


This activity was organised under the EU/CoE Joint Project “Strengthening the Criminal Justice System and the Capacity of Justice Professionals on Prevention of the European Convention on Human Rights Violations”.