Search continues for young whale caught in marine trash

PHUKET: Search teams from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) have yet to find the young sperm whale spotted swimming through marine trash off Koh Racha Noi last week amid concerns for the whale’s health.

The search was launched after photos of the whale were posted online last Thursday (June 16), with the Navy joining the efforts through patrol boat TC 107 and surveillance drones scouring the area.

The DMCR reported yesterday that concerns were raised when it was noticed that the whale was repeatedly turning on its side while swimming. The whale was able to right itself to breathe, but marine life researchers in the area are concerned for the whale’s safety.

The search is continuing with all fishing and other commercial boat operators in the area urged to report any sightings to officials immediately.

However, so far no sightings have been reported, the DMCR noted.

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