Best Free Background Check Services Of 2022: Features & Benefits

Best Free Background Check Services Of 2022: Features & Benefits

Generally, potential employees will not willingly disclose anything they perceive will deter them from getting a job during the hiring process. Many people have shady pasts, so running employee background checks is the best way to gain a better insight. This can show you clearly who you’re dealing with and the best action to employ.

Background check is not a recent discovery. In the past, people mainly employed private investigators for the job. Today, the internet has made this a lot simpler. By logging in the subject’s details in a background screening platform, you will know all there’s to know about an individual.

You won’t go against the law by running employment background checks on someone. Instead, it might help the law somewhat if the police list the individual as wanted. Some states require you to have consent before conducting a background check. Further, background screening through a background check company helps mitigate risks.

It usually reveals someone’s employment history, address history, and criminal history. Also, you can use it to check the legitimacy of the individual’s reference and social security number. Small businesses can benefit from these services. This way, they assure to employ the right candidate for the job.

Background screening is not limited to employment only. You can use it to screen your new neighbors and your child’s playdate family to ensure you’re not sending your child off to an unsafe place. Also, you can use it to vet your date and know if they have any complicated history; that is a red flag.

Top 4 Background Check Services & Sites:

  1. Truthfinder: Overall Best For Enterprise Background Check, Editor’s Pick
  2. Intelius: Excellent Site For Quick Checks 
  3. Instant Checkmate: Premium Platform Used For Social Media Checks
  4. US Search: Best For Reverse Email Checks

#1. Truthfinder – Overall Best For Enterprise Check, Editor’s Pick

Brand Overview

Truthfinder is one of the best background check sites available today. They provide accurate and quality data with glowing reviews and more than 60,000 ratings from users. Furthermore, they work by scouring the deep web to discover information that typical search engines might overlook.

The platform is a simple way to look up someone’s criminal history online and learn more about people. You will know their history without drug testing if they’ve been arrested for marijuana possession. Also, you will find their social security number, updated contact information, traffic records, employment, and education history there.

This way, if you’re seeking a job or are about to vie for a public office, you will know what information you might have overlooked that would work against you. Search using your name, address, phone number, and email. Also, most of their deep services are subject to a membership plan.


  • Explains how to use the background report
  • Delivers updated contact information of an individual
  • Subscribing to a monthly plan allows you unlimited background checks
  • Delivers quick results
  • It’s available on mobile platforms
  • Different filters and search parameters


  • It doesn’t have a trial period
  • Too much advertising to propel the user into upgrading
  • Requires a membership plan for deep scouring of the net

The Best Thing About Truthfinder

Truthfinder is the best platform for users, like employers, who perform multiple background checks monthly. This way, they will have unlimited time on the platform with minimal advertisement. Furthermore, people that have lost touch with their family can use the service to search them and reconnect.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out of touch. The platform will help find them if you provide the correct information. One of its best features is getting updated contact information of people. Also, you can learn about your new neighbors and manage your online reputation on the platform.


Upgrading to a higher subscription service allows you to use their numerous features. You can easily customize background checks and get search results from platforms other than Google. At the top of your report, you’ll find a summary containing information like birth and death records, contact information, and possible relatives.

They will also check for possible associates, friends, roommates, and exes. If you recently found a new love interest, there is a feature you can utilize to know precisely who you’re dating. Furthermore, you will find other aliases they have, if any, and assets owned, including owned properties and driven vehicles.

User Friendliness

Truthfinder’s website is relatively easy to use and navigate. They explain how to read and understand reports with a toll-free number to call if you need more answers. However, you can navigate the site without needing assistance, even if it’s your first time using their service.

They compile information from county records, state records, and federal records. Users can tailor their research results with keywords to fit their needs. The site will collect the information on an easy-to-decipher page, which you can download in a PDF format.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Truthfinder

#2. Intelius – Premium Platform For Quick Background Checks

Brand Overview

Intelius is another excellent background check site that allows you to look up anyone. The site is completely confidential and anonymous. They would not divulge your search history to the public. Furthermore, they offer address and reverse phone lookup. This lets you know the owner of a number that called you.

The platform uses many private and public records to seek information, and you can filter the search to specific information. In addition, the site allows you to cancel your membership and ask for a refund if you’re not satisfied with their service. The refunds are handled by their customer support on a case-by-case basis.

You will receive a single refund per membership. Intelius does not entertain repetitive refund requests unless the membership plan is proven defective. Also, like Truthfinder, they charge for their services and allow you to review the data on a house you’re interested in purchasing.


  • Using an encrypted connection keeps your search result safe and anonymous
  • They provide detailed and informative details of the subject
  • Budget-friendly monthly plan
  • The subscription allows for a single-person payment
  • They will not notify the candidate of undergoing background research
  • You can filter searches using the subjects name, address, and phone number


  • You can reach their customer support during business hours only
  • You need to pay a monthly subscription for the service
  • Customer support might be slow due to their first come, first serve principle

The Best Thing About Intelius

The company offers many outstanding features, from secure and encrypted connections to a single paid subscription. People that have a limited amount of searches or want to run a background check on one person can pay for only one person. Further, it affords the user privacy without notifying the other party of the ongoing check.

It also provides an educative and informative blog section. Topics range from reasons they don’t offer free trials to how to reconnect with your old college buddy. In addition, you can remove your personal information from the website by opting out on their page.


Intelius uses an extensive database to conduct the best user background check service. They offer phone directory lookup, and you can pay a lower subscription for a trial period. Furthermore, their programming obtains information from FBI databases, business records, and phone directories.

This is information that is available online but time-consuming. Therefore, Intelius helps in bringing the information to you at record time. Fill in the search field on the homepage to start. In some cases, Intelius might ask for additional information to help their search. Further, you can also check for property records for any contact you want.

User Friendliness

The website has an easy-to-use interface. When you search for a subject’s criminal record, their database will alert you to offenses on federal records from the subject’s relatives. It takes some minutes for the brand to compile its results. Also, their customer support works from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm throughout the week.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Intelius

#3. Instant Checkmate – Premium Platform Used For Social Media Checks

Brand Overview

Instant Checkmate is excellent for obtaining an individual’s criminal history and arrest records. It allows you to search for a subject’s background using name, city, and state. Also, the site is encrypted, ensuring your privacy with over 70,000 positive reviews from verified users. They have an A+ rating from BBB and are your one-time stop for the best background check services.

They will notify you if the individual is a registered sex offender or has a gun license. Also, Instant Checkmate cast a wide net in their search to provide property details, family members, and marriages. The downside is the results are not instantaneous. You have to sieve through a series of questions and warnings before seeing the report.

It might not sit well with most people who are short on time and patience. However, they will provide you with a list of potential matches. The reports will include photos and social media links to the subject. Furthermore, the platform situates the reverse phone lookup on the bottom page, which might be difficult to find for some.


  • Extensive report that includes arrest and criminal background check
  • It’s web browser friendly and has an android mobile app
  • A monthly subscription allows you to explore and search people’s backgrounds nonstop
  • One click after inputting keywords on the search column commences the search
  • They offer other information like ethnicity and financial data
  • It has a crimeware blog and dialed-in blog


  • Their search result is not as articulate as the previously mentioned platforms
  • They don’t provide many search filters
  • Tons of pop-ups to navigate through

The Best Thing About Instant Checkmate

It has a mobile app that allows users to run background checks while on the go. If you have a potential date, you can know everything about your date before the actual date. However, the app is strictly for Android users, not IOS users, which is a miss because of the large number of IOS users.


Instant Checkmate specializes in digging out criminal information and arrest records of users. Also, they compile their findings on one page, making it easy to read. They use top-notch encryption that protects the user’s privacy with confidential background screening. Their customer support system works from 10:00 am to 10:00pm, Monday to Friday.

You can turn to customer support for clarity or the online learning center for tutorial videos. Further, you can remove yourself from the platform’s database and cancel your membership. They also offer paid free trails to test their services, after which you can cancel the subscription from proceeding if you’re unsatisfied.

User Friendliness

Instant Checkmate platform has easy-to-use features with comprehensive FAQs that help inform the user. Their customer support system is toll-free and transfers all payment data using 256-bit encryption.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Instant Checkmate

#4. US Search – Best For Reverse Email Checks

Brand Overview

US Search is one of the first online background screening platforms for sourcing and accessing public records. It was founded in 1995 and began as a way to reunite long-lost friends and relatives. The site has since evolved, becoming a good background screening site for consumers and professionals. Legal practitioners use the site for its comprehensive data.

The site does not have any complicated bells and whistles. It’s simple with flexible packages and no hidden charges. Further, they provide background reports for anyone in the United States using public, criminal, and property records. They compile relevant records into one easy-to-read report.

You can store the result on your dashboard and search for people using their names, addresses, phone numbers, and email. It will turn up an extensive list of search results that you will pay for to access the full report. In addition, the reports contain information like family members, past addresses, and properties owned.


  • They can link you to the social media account of long-lost relatives and college buddies
  • You will access old and current information on the subject
  • You can view the list of likely matches but have to pay to access the full report
  • They offer a trial subscription
  • Easy-to-read website interface


  • Their website looks outdated with zero aesthetics

The Best Thing About US Search

Signing up is easy with no complicated or lengthy application process. Further, US Search runs two customer support lines, professional and personal. The customer support is open Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm for professional use and 7:00 am to 5:00 pm for personal use. Also, they are US based, and you can reach them via email.


US Search can be used to research the whereabouts of relatives. However, it uses outdated tools for record seeking. Advanced users might not key into its simple designs, but they provide one of the best background checks. Further, it’s an excellent site for people without much information about the person they seek.

User Friendliness

They have a friendly customer support system you can contact for clarity. Also, they compile the results on one page, making it easy to read with no extra hassle. US Search also secures the user’s information and account. In addition, there’s no way of knowing what their report will show until you subscribe to view it.

=> Click here to visit the official website of US Search

How To Perform Free Background Checks?

Everyone has a past, some more sordid than the others. Although people can turn a new page, there’s no guarantee what someone can do if they withhold the information. That aside, the individual might have a bogus CV filled with lies and make-believe jobs. With a background check, you can sieve out good candidates from the bad.

Free background checks require patience and time. You can delegate the task to a trusted staff if you do not have the time to perform it yourself. Or use the service of a paid background check site. However, you can start by obtaining permission for the background check, then conduct a Google search using their details.

If you want a thorough check, you must check other servers besides Google search, like public records and the national sex offender database. Most of the sites mentioned in this guideline require a monthly subscription. Nevertheless, here are some free methods of conducting a background check for free:

Manual Methods

The following manual methods will let you run a background check for free:

Google provides a free platform to aid you in conducting a free web search if you know what to search for. They have an extensive database that contains information from public figures to private persons. However, it’s not an easy task, especially if you don’t have the individual’s details.

Google will pull out many results if you have just the person’s name. As you may know, many people have the same first name and surname and reside in the same county, making it difficult to narrow the information down. That’s why you need more than an individual’s name to run a background check on them on Google.

It’s time-consuming and might end up without the detailed report you seek. Further, finding someone is easier if they’ve done something noteworthy. They will rank higher than other names and help you narrow your search. Simply use the person’s name and what they did as a keyword search, and Google will provide the related answers.

Here is an excellent way to get more accurate results from Google:

  1. Input the subject’s name and state of origin in the google search engine box.
  2. Use Google images to try and identify the subject if you know what their look like.
  3. Google has a news feature section underneath the Google search engine box. Go through the “Google News” to note if the individual has been a subject of a news article.
  4. Check Google videos also underneath the Google search engine box to know if there’s a video that will link to your subject.

These days, you can tell a lot about a person through their social media account. It’s an expressive medium with two types of people: private people who are strict with who they accept and those who run for many followers. Lack of safety online has made most people keep information off the internet.

But if you dig well enough and put two and two together, you will discern what person someone is. So if the individual provided their social media account, you could dive through it to know if their character rhyme with your vision for your brand.

Here are some major social media platforms and places to search:

  • Facebook profile offers a great deal of information
  • Instagram photos and captions
  • Their Twitter profile, tweets, and likes
  • Employment profile on Linkedin
  • Content they post on TikTok
  • Their interest and hobbies on Pinterest
  • The content they post on Snapchat

If you decide to conduct social media searches, note they might have their profile in private. Many people protect their social media spaces with information privy to people they know. Luckily, there are numerous social media platforms, so if one is private, you can check for them on other platforms.

The public court records stock up on lots of people’s information. You can check their website to find the record of the individual you seek. However, you need to have additional details of the individual, like an address or their location. Getting their county court records will be difficult if you do not have their address.

Civil records display government records of the person from when he lived in a particular city or where he currently resides. Further, you will have to create two separate searches for the individual if they changed location using their past and current address.

Another thing of note is that searching a public record sometimes does not provide much information. You might be disappointed and unsatisfied with what you discover if you eventually see the individual you seek.

  • State Or Local Prison Records

Where other records fail, you might have some luck going through the state or local prison records. Use the “corrections inmate” tag on the google search engine box if you want to know if the person has a criminal record. To accomplish this, you must know the prison’s official website.

Enter the person’s name on the website to know if they have ever had a criminal record. However, you might meet a wall because prisons limit the information available to the public for good reasons. They will only provide data for the specific state you sought. So, if the person lived in different places, you will have to search the states individually.

The only way to gain someone’s credit report is if you have a permissible purpose, that is, you have the person’s permission. Other than that, it’s impossible to pull or access someone’s credit report legally. However, you can request a personal background check to know if you’re liable for fraud.

This way, you can easily check and request your record with several credit bureaus. Note the annual check mandated by the government is available once every year for free. So, if you need to access your report later in the year, you will be charged for it.

Are These Free Background Check Services Legit & Effective? 

Many websites lay claim to running excellent and effective background check sites. But the reverse is the case. It’s best to check the website using your information to know if they will deliver accurate reports before trusting it. Also, you can conduct a background check using Google and social media platforms.

The downside is it takes time, and the person’s account might be locked from outside viewing. Also, there’s a likelihood the person isn’t an oversharer, which means you will hit another roadblock. Some background check companies do nothing out of the ordinary. They pull records from publicly available information you can get yourself.

You will discover too that the information is outdated and less than accurate, which is a waste of time. It’s best to pay for a background check service and save time. Background screening companies have access to numerous records, which they can sift through in minutes, delivering likely matches.

Are Background Checks Legal? 

People have been running background checks long before the establishment of the internet. To an extent, it’s a staple, with many not considering the legal repercussions, doubling back afterward to know if they are in the wrong. Thankfully, there’s a law for background checks and its findings to protect employees.

According to the “Fair Credit Reporting Act” (FCRA), you must procure a credit report from an official Consumer Reporting Agency. The agency regulates the use of consumer credit reports and requires proper written disclosure with full candidate awareness.

They collect and provide accurate information about people while adhering to the law to protect individuals’ privacy. Furthermore, other laws guard against the unjust treatment of employees. For example, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) prohibits discrimination against employees based on origin. This helps to stay in employer’s hands if they discover the person isn’t a citizen after conducting a background check.

How Did We Make The List Of Best Background Check Services? 

To compose a well-articulated guide, we began by compiling a list of the best background check company in today’s market. We were very particular about the brands on the list to ensure they met the demands and were legitimate. Further, we wanted brands that do not leave much to desire while in use.

We set up a rigorous guideline to streamline the list, excluding platforms with unsatisfactory results. Further, we kept brands with the highest ratings and quality service. After that, we cut down the list further to get our top five companies that users will love their service.

Ensure to patronize the brands mentioned above if you need quality services. However, make sure it’s the same brand in the review that you’re purchasing their service. Tons of companies bear the exact name or variations of the names of the companies in the review, which might be confusing.

What We Looked For:

While trimming the list to get brands that meet our requirements, several things helped us in making the cut. Here are the top things we looked out for when streamlining the list:

  • We checked for the brand’s effectiveness in performing their background screening and the quality of their services. We needed brands that sourced records from the right agencies, so we looked into their information channels to ensure they were the right ones.
  • How practical their customer support is in relaying relevant information and clarifying issues for the user.
  • We checked if the brand allows users to customize background checks
  • Other features they offer, like self monitoring service and opting out your details from the platform
  • Whether the platform reviews are positive and check the source of the reviews to ensure they are verified users. Further, we looked into their negative reviews if they are substantial to know why.
  • We reviewed the platform prices, checking if they run trials, so users can test the waters and know if it’s the right platform.
  • Whether the brand has a certification to run official reports or if they are simply pulling information from third-party sources.
  • We checked to see if the user can cancel their membership when done with their service.
  • What sort of information their report contains, and if they run background checks to reconnect one with their relative
  • The user-friendliness of their website so users won’t get confused while navigating the site
  • We checked for the other services the brands offer, from reverse phone lookup, connecting with old acquaintances, criminal record check, etc. Further, we looked into the brand’s encryptions to ensure they protect the user’s privacy without notifying the other party of an ongoing investigation.

The brands we ended up with provide these services and more. They will accommodate your request if you need a legitimate platform to run a background check. Do not go for a background check site because their price is right without due diligence.

Fraudulent companies use lower prices to lure people, defrauding them. So, instead of sticking to the first background check site you see because the price is right, compare prices between credible brands and stick to the right one.

FAQs About Background Check Services

Q1. Which free background check service is the best for me? 

It depends on the sort of background check you intend to run. Numerous background check platforms offer different services for a price. The likelihood of you landing a free background checks service that is FCRA compliant is slim unless the brand runs a promo.

The searches are usually limited to an area, not a universal background screening. If you seek a free background check, then you will have to conduct it yourself manually. However, it’s time-consuming, and you might not know the best way to do it. Not to mention, you might not get the information you need due to several roadblocks.

You can use the Google service to research the individual. Input their name and detail on the Google search engine box, and the platform will bring up likely candidates. Further, if the subject makes mention of a notable event he was part of, you can use their name and the event as a keyword to find them faster.

Q2. What is the most user-friendly service? 

As previously mentioned, it depends on the service you seek. Truthfinder stands out for its exemplary service. They search through criminal records, police records, and social media data to compute accurate background reports. Also, their website is easy to navigate, and you won’t have issues paying for their service.

Intelluis, on the other hand, is another excellent platform to patronize. They employ an encryption service that protects the user’s information and privacy. Also, users can conduct their own background checks to know what information they have out there and tailor it. It’s a great way of discovering the information you’ve forgotten that might hinder your career.

Q3. What if I need just one background check? 

Most of the platforms provided above do not offer one report background check. However, they allow a free trial period to test their service for affordable prices. The free trial period for some platforms allows you to conduct unlimited checks while others control the information it provides.

Instant Checkmate is one such platform that allows free trials. They have an extensive database that aids them in searching public records, providing results like criminal convictions, addresses, names, and relatives. Further, it saves you time and energy to conduct a manual search, which might not yield positive results.

Q4. Why is it necessary to conduct background checks?

Running a medium-sized business has its ups and down, and having good employers help to meet business needs. People are known to sound overly friendly on their resumes to land a job, eliminating other information that will flag them down, like their criminal history.

Knowing the person’s background helps you mitigate risk and know who they truly are. Also, it helps you determine the legitimacy of their education history and address listed on their resume. That aside, if you’re out in the dating world, you will find people from different walks of life with different motives.

Most times, people don’t divulge who they are, especially if you meet them on a dating site. They might have ulterior motives which do not align with what you seek. Running a background check on them lets you know if you’re dealing with the right person and if you should go ahead with the date.

Q5. What does a simple background check include?

A simple background check helps employers to conduct identity verification checks. Background reports contain information from employment history, motor vehicle checks, address, name, and contact information. The reports vary depending on the subscription plan and the platform you use.

Some provide social media accounts and criminal records, alerting you if they appear in the national sex offenders database. You’re in the best position to know how to handle the information if the subject is a sex offender. Call to verify the information, and you can report it if the person is unconvicted and wanted.

Conclusion: Which Free Background Check Sites Should You Use?

Numerous platforms promise to provide the best background check service, which is unfounded because they do not have the capacity. Therefore, small businesses should research if they want a good company that is FCRA compliant. This way, they won’t doubt the capabilities of their employees or worry about leaving them in charge sometimes.

The brands we reviewed in this guide are the best background check services in today’s market you should know about. They have access to an extensive database, which they use in compiling reports. Further, it will take the platform minutes to compile a report, which is an advantage, considering how long it would take you if you do it manually.

We compiled the brands by looking at their ratings and customer reviews. We checked positive and negative reviews to know exactly what the brand stands for. Note the information platforms generate is from what is readily available in public records. So if the information is inaccurate, the records of the individual are likely not updated.

Free background check service might not give you good results. It involves a lot of manual work you might not have the patience for. For example, you have to search for the user’s social media handle and dig into its content, checking captions, tweets, and posts. Also, visit police records to check for criminal history.

We ensured the brands on our review complied with the “Fair Credit Reporting Act” and “Equal Employment Opportunity” Commission. Furthermore, you can choose what sort of information you want platforms to reveal by selecting the type of report to generate. And you can use the platforms to review yourself and know what information you have out there.


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