Elizabeth Figueroa Named South Florida Urban Specialist at National Wildlife Refuge Association — The National Wildlife Refuge Association

WASHINGTON, D.C. — May 20th, 2022

The National Wildlife Refuge Association (NWRA) recently named Elizabeth (Liz) Figueroa as the South Florida Regional Partnership Specialist for NWRA’s Urban Wildlife Refuge Program. Liz’s primary focus is to build a major urban program throughout South Florida in partnership with the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge in Boynton Beach.

The Urban Wildlife Refuge Program improves communities by expanding access to nature, and providing educational and outdoor recreation opportunities for people living in and around cities, sometimes far from a national wildlife refuge. Urban program staff work with local partners to address social and historical barriers preventing engagement with nature, and foster new connections and partnerships that advance conservation principles.

“There are wonderful organizations in South Florida we hope to partner with and be at the forefront of climate activism and conservation in the community,” said Figueroa, who adds that she hopes to build on the success of a similar NWRA program launched in Southern California in 2014. “Urban programs are the future of environmental organizations, and South Florida is at the forefront of climate change initiatives and other issues.”

Figueroa’s vast experience includes education, law, non-profits, urbanism and environmental justice, and she is fluent in several languages. In addition to general outreach, she will engage in environmental advocacy efforts by fostering partnerships with schools, elected officials, religious groups, and community-based organizations.

“I look forward to working with the National Wildlife Refuge Association and the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge on this Urban Program designed to reach and serve some of our most environmentally vulnerable communities,” Figueroa added.

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The National Wildlife Refuge Association is a non-profit exclusively focused on protecting, promoting, and enhancing the 850-million-acre National Wildlife Refuge System, the world’s largest network of lands and waters set aside for wildlife conservation.


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