Today on SAN TV, How Years of PETA Protests Have Made Changes for Animals, Eli Lilly CEO Caught Lying About an Animal Experiments & Jesse & Joy: Cats and Dogs Are Family—Take Care of Them! #FurFreeEurope

Videos Teasing Animals Are Not Funny

If you come across a social media post or video showing animals being teased, speak out: Leave feedback and help inform others about why these things are harmful. Learn what to say now. Watch this PETA video to learn why it’s wrong to create, “like,” or share videos of animals being teased on social media. Videos in which animals are teased are harmful. PETA explains what to do when you see a video on social media that shows animals being scared, shamed, or humiliated. Today at SAN TV!

Former dog slaughterhouse owner condemns horrible trade

In 2020, we went out for what would become one of our most haunting missions ever: We closed down a slaughterhouse in 🇰🇭 Cambodia in which 3,000 dogs were being killed every year. Before we were able to shut it down, we had taken multiple trips to arrange the closure. During these visits, we got a first-hand experience of the absolute horrors that were taking place inside. Dogs that had to watch others being killed in front of their eyes, awaiting their turn to be next. But we were not the only ones traumatized by the experience. From our first conversation, we knew how badly the owners wanted to get out. The reason they had stuck with it for such a long time was the need to provide for their families. We will never forget the moment they were able to shut down their former business for good, with tears of joy (and remorse) dripping from their eyes. More than a year later, we paid a visit to them and as you can see, they are still haunted by their former actions. One thing is extremely important to us: We kindly ask you all to treat this woman, who has the courage to speak up, with respect and acknowledge her will to leave this horrible trade for good. Today at SAN TV!

A mission across borders Good news, we will double our help for animals in Ukrainian zoos and deliver another 20 tons of food! The transport is done in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Railways @ÖBB. The train will depart from Austria on Friday. It will take up to a week until it will arrive at the Kyiv Zoo, from where the food will be distributed to six other Ukrainian zoos. Missions like this are full of uncertainty, and we will do everything we can to make sure that the food is delivered to these desperate animals. Please support missions like this for animals in Ukraine. Today, they need us more than ever and we won’t let them down. Today at SAN TV!

#FurFreeEurope: It’s Time to End Fur Farming in Europe

It’s time to close fur farms for good! As you are watching this, the fur industry continues to operate its business. Millions of innocent animals live locked up in tiny cages. BUT, we see a chance to ban fur farming NOW! Join the Fur Free Movement and sign the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) . Once an initiative has reached 1 million validated signatures, the European Commission must respond and take action❗ We have one year to collect those signatures. Are you in? We need you, your family and friends. Together for a #FurFreeEurope! Today at SAN TV!

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