Utah shelter sees rise in animal abuse cases, South Salt Lake Animal Services says

UTAH (ABC4) – Thrown from a vehicle, ribs broken as well as both legs, Jenica Laws with South Salt Lake Animal Services said it took a lot of work to save this puppy, now called Malin.

Laws said the name means “strong warrior.” 

Laws said she’s seeing more cases like Malin in the last few months. 

When the pandemic started, everyone wanted a pet. 

“We maybe had one or two dogs in the whole shelter the whole time,” said Laws. 

Now the shelter has 21 dogs and 8 cats. Laws said she’s seeing more pet owners snapping. 

“To see somebody hurt an innocent animal just breaks my heart,” said Laws. 

Laws said Malin’s story is heartbreaking, but she’s seen a lot of good this week as well, with the community coming together to raise the $7,000 needed for Malin’s surgery. 

“I’m just thinking about how much love this puppy has and nobody’s ever met her, but she got so much love from the community. It’s just amazing,” said Laws. 

Malin has 6 weeks of recovery ahead before she can be adopted. Roughly 40 families have already applied to adopt her, but the shelter says they have so many other deserving dogs and a few cats available for adoption.

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