Artist who painted whale mural on Broderick Tower in Detroit asks court to step in, uncover mural

DETROIT – It’s been a Detroit staple for more than two decades. The so-called whaling wall, one of the most well-known murals in the city, keeps getting covered up.

The artist who painted it is now asking the Michigan Supreme Court to bring his whales back into view.

The Wyland mural was dedicated back in 1997 on the Broderick Tower. On and off since 2006, the mural has been getting covered up — not painted over — but covered by advertisements.

Currently, the mural is covered with an ad for Rocket Companies that was created by another artist. Robert Wyland’s brief filed with the Michigan Supreme Court says that’s a violation of federal law.


“I was really disappointed that a company like Rocket Mortage would even consider, you know, destroying the integrity of a work of art that is loved by so many,” Wyland said. “They are destroying the integrity of the wall.”

Watch the video above for the full report.

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