SPCA Albrecht Center takes in rescued dogs from Animal Rescue Corp’s “Operation Shutdown” | Local News

On Friday, Nov. 19, the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare in Aiken took in six rescued dogs from two rescue operations just a short week after a puppy mill and animal shelter were shut down due to claims of animal cruelty.

In Iowa, 88 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill by Animal Rescue Corps with the help of Animal Rescue League of Iowa and the ASPCA (national org; separate entity than the SPCA Albrecht Center). Around the same time, hundreds of animals were rescued from an Arkansas animal shelter after it was shut down due to claims of animal cruelty in an effort dubbed “Operation Shutdown” – also led by Animal Rescue Corps with the help of the BISSELL Pet Foundation.

These animals were then dispersed to partner rescues and shelters nationally, including the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare, who received six dogs from these rescue efforts – two from “Operation Shutdown” and four from the Iowa puppy mill. These animals were transported by Amy Haverstick, ARC’s Director of Field Operations and Investigations.

“We are filled with a mix of emotions as we take in these neglected dogs from these amazing rescue operations. We are saddened by the life these animals have lived at the hands of humans but are happy to be able to assist how we can thanks to the support of our community and give them a happier and brighter future in the CSRA,” states Claire Roberson, the SPCA Albrecht Center’s Communications Director.

New to the SPCA Albrecht Center, these six dogs will receive medical care and lots of love before being placed for adoption. 

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