End the headlong rush to lock in County Jail site and size before Armond Budish leaves office

Trust will be achieved by slowing down the Cuyahoga County Jail planning process and implementing a thorough, transparent and unrushed assessment of needs, suitable locations (using unbiased brokers) — and how it will all be financed.The Plain Dealer

Cuyahoga County needs a new jail, there’s no question about that. A modern design will make it safer for both inmates and corrections officers, less crowded and easier to patrol. The 2018-2019 spurt of County Jail deaths was largely tied to the county’s disastrous strategy of cutting corners after Cleveland’s jail merged into the County Jail, but the dangerously outdated jail design didn’t help.

However, the county’s need for a new jail does not justify the headlong rush to lock in location, design and costs before it’s clear how many inmates the new jail will need to hold.

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