Includes Repeal Of Oil & Gas Program In Arctic National Wildlife Refuge — The National Wildlife Refuge Association

The House today passed their historic Build Back Better bill, which includes billions of dollars to fund climate change solutions, including additional conservation on the ground, the creation of a Climate Conservation Corps, and, most importantly for the National Wildlife Refuge System, the repeal of the oil and gas leasing program in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Climate change is altering our protected public lands at a rapid pace. Sea levels are rising and overtaking coastal wildlife refuges. Historic ranges for animal and fish species are shifting north. Invasive species are pushing out native species on more refuge units than ever before. Permafrost and tundra in the arctic are melting. Innovative approaches to slow climate change, such as those found in the Build Back Better legislation, are critical for the survival of wildlife species into the future, and to protect the habitat that has been conserved within the National Wildlife Refuge System for 118 years

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