PPP asks SC to declare Bhutto’s execution a ‘judicial murder’



Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has asked the Supreme Court to pronounce its verdict in the Bhutto reference case and correct history by declaring the execution of its founder and former prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto a “judicial murder”.

Sindh PPP President Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has demanded that the execution of the party’s founding leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto be declared “judicial murder”, asserting that doing so was important to set the record straight.

Khuhro called for the move in a statement issued on Monday as the PPP prepares to observe the Bhutto’s 94th birth anniversary.

According to Sindh PPP president’s spokesperson, the birthday celebrations would be held on January 5 (tomorrow) across Sindh and a cake-cutting ceremony would be held to pay homage to Bhutto.

The PPP leader quoted a “confessional statement” of former Supreme Court judge Justice Naseem Hassan Shah wherein he admitted that the verdict for Bhutto’s execution was given under duress.

He said PPP leadership was still waiting for a verdict in the reference filed by former president Asif Ali Zardari in Supreme Court, asking the apex court to declare the execution a judicial murder.

He eulogised Bhutto for giving the country a constitution based on consensus and praised the “unparalleled sacrifices” of the Bhutto family to keep the flag of democracy flying in the country.

Khuhro said that it appeared that the country was being governed by two distinct laws formulated separately for elites and public representatives, adding that “those who gave the country a constitution were implicated in a false trial and murdered whereas those who breached the constitution were kept immune from any legal proceedings”.

“He was hanged but the PTI government is studiously keeping mum about the return of dictator General Musharraf,” he said and dared the government to bring back the former military president and try him under Article 6 of the Constitution.

‘PTI pushing federation into centralism’

Taking a jibe at the incumbent government, the PPP leader drew a resemblance between former president Musharraf and Prime Minister Imran Khan and claimed that he [the PM] would also meet the same fate.

“The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led Centre is but the government of lies, theft and extortion and destruction,” Khuhro said.

Khuhro accused PM Imran of endorsing “strong centralism” whereby he wanted to reverse the 18th amendment and provincial autonomy.

“Efforts are being made to strengthen the Centre at the expense of the rights of the provinces and the share of the provinces from the provinces and handing them over to Islamabad.”

He said that tampering with the constitution and 18th amendment will not be allowed under any circumstances.

“We will brave the hardships but would not relent in our efforts to oust this government imposed on the country’s democratic system with the power of people,” he said, adding that people who rigged the polls and betrayed the sacred trust of a vote should be tried under Article 6.

He assailed the PTI-led government for allegedly “polluting the politics” and tarnishing representatives of the people. “Institutions should not interfere in politics. Only when all the institutions work in their respective jurisdictions will there be stability in the country and the country will be on the path of progress.”

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