Mayors of 10 largest cities in Alabama focus on public safety

Across the state, one of the most important things to all of these mayors is public safety.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Mayors from the 10 largest cities in the state of Alabama gathered in Huntsville to discuss how they can go back home and better lead the people in their communities.

One big topic of discussion was public safety. 

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin said, “If a mayor doesn’t do anything… what every mayor in every American city is always responsible for is public infrastructure and public safety. Public safety is still the number one job of any mayor in any American city, and there is a national issue right now as it relates to all of our abilities to fill our numbers for police officers as well as firefighters within our cities and communities.”

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This issue goes beyond those first responders as well, it can also be seen within the justice system. Due to covid and worker shortages, trials are being pushed back; delaying justice for those needing closure and letting those who don’t deserve it walk free.

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson says, “They’re trying to come up with ways so that our retired judges can possibly hold trials, again, with the focus being on trying to catch up with the criminal trials.”

Local leaders realize that this generation’s workforce prioritizes quality of life, and in order to bring the brightest and best to Huntsville, mayors here have made an effort to provide that quality of life.

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Madison Mayor Paul Finley says, “When Mayor [Tommy] Battle came in in 2008, we talked about this very thing and he was committed to making sure that that new workforce had reason to want to come. Huntsville in 2021 is just not even anywhere close to what Huntsville was in 2008. There’s energy down here every night and that’s what a lot of this new workforce is looking for, so we’re trying to find that balance of of bringing new folks in with a quality of life that they can benefit from. In the end, it all makes a difference because our goal is to improve quality of life, to take the money that we’re given and stretch it as far as we can. And we’re going to continue not only on the public safety side but in all positions to try to bring the best and brightest that we can in.”

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