Jai Bhim TV Premiere Date Locked, Where & When to Watch

Jai Bhim is considering one of the most powerful films of Suriya’s career. Before the movie starts the director of the film promises to the audience that whatever they are going to see is not fiction or his Imaginary creation.

This actually happened with a group of people in our country. The critics have been saying Jai Bhim is one of the most powerful films of Tamil cinema ever, film was in much talks in 2021.

In the film Jai Bhim, we have Chandru, a rebellious, young advocate, wielding the powerful weapon of the law and trying to help the needy. He takes up the case of a tribal woman, Senganni, whose husband Rajakannu is missing since he was taken away by the local cops on charges of theft on him.

The Tribal woman is pregnant as well and looking for his Husband. The most daring thing the makers have done is that they took such a sensitive topic of our society.

There is no recent Tamil film where the names of dominant caste groups are simply mentioned, in the fear of the ripple effect it might create for the film and the film image must be in danger.

There is a scene in the film where advocate Chandru has been threatened by the upper castes by saying that “how long will it take to set your house on fire ?”

Chandru didn’t fear them and still questioned them when they were in court about the missing tribal man. Director Vetrimaaran film Jai Bhim had already exposed the deep-seated rot in our criminal justice system where the criminals are free to walk and the victim has been tortured by society.

Jai Bhim is also a detailed procedural drama where the judicial system is how helpless and victim too because of the powerful criminals and their manipulative deeds.

Senggeni, the wife of Rajakannu, the lady who is fighting a lonely battle on the road to justice for her husband’s custodial torture and death has done an amazing performance as an actor.

Suriya feels very natural and very fit in the role of a firebrand advocate who is fighting for the woman in need or a community who has been suppressed.

While he is delivering his dialogue It is as if he’s not just performing the lines written by the director, but he really believes in every word and gesture he delivers in this film and hence it becomes reality. The brilliant performance by the actor made the film more powerful.

After the director OTT release, the film is all set for the World Television Premiere on Kalaignar TV on 15th of Jan.

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